Student Engagement

Building Self-Confidence and Positive Attitudes

Students successfully learn when they are engaged in rich activities that motivate them to persevere through challenges. Zorbit’s Math Adventure achieves this goal by effectively incorporating proven practices, such as engaging game design, thought-provoking problems, immediate constructive feedback and a blend of intrinsic and extrinsic motivators.

Not only do students acquire conceptual understanding of the math, they also develop persistence, curiosity, confidence and a love of mathematics

Immerse Your Students in Game-Based Learning

Zorbit’s Math Adventure uses game-based learning to immerse your students in the world of math. Game-based learning blends together some of the most effective means of learning:

Low Floor of Entry

The visual design and interactive nature of Zorbit’s Math Adventure makes our games intuitive to play and easy to learn. Any student can pick up the game and immediately start playing.

Mistakes are Learning Opportunities

Immediate and constructive feedback helps students perceive mistakes as opportunities for reflecting on strategies, changing their thinking and achieving success.

More Engaging for All Learning Levels

Zorbit’s Math Adventure adapts and differentiates based on your students’ understanding making sure that every problem they encounter falls within their zone of proximal development.

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