Zorbit Helps Leslie R with Special Needs and Student Autonomy

Leslie R, Grade 1 Teacher

York Catholic School District, ON, Canada

Leslie is a Grade 1 teacher from the York Catholic School District in Ontario, Canada. She has been teaching for about 5 years and is one of two math leads in her school.

Leslie has been using Zorbit’s Math Adventure in her classroom since 2017 and has been experiencing pedagogical prosperity in her math class ever since. One special needs student in particular (we’ll call him Roger) has grown by leaps and bounds since being introduced to Zorbit and his crew. She has shared some of these successes with the Zorbit’s team and we are delighted to share them with you.

Autonomy for All Students

Roger is one of Leslie’s Grade 1 special needs students. He started Grade 1 not being able to count to 10. As an interventional strategy, Leslie decided to put Zorbit and his crew to work for Roger. She says that because all of the feedback and instructions are auditory, rather than text-based, Roger is able to learn and practice math skills independently. This level of autonomy is something that was not possible with some of Leslie’s existing digital resources.

Leslie reports, “[He] now willingly and freely counts. He’s counting, he’s matching, he is learning through the iPad.” Roger has been making great progress and Leslie believes that Zorbit’s Math Adventure played a large role in his success. Roger’s mother says that he even loves playing it at home!

Roger is not the only one benefiting from the autonomy Zorbit’s Math Adventure offers. She said that the instructions, gameplay, and the way the content is scaffolded make the game intuitive for students to play on their own. When she has a tablet station built in to her lesson plan, she is confident that the students playing Zorbit’s are self-sufficient enough to allow her to address students who need her attention. She does not need to answer questions like, “What do I do on this level?” and “How do I do this question?” while students are playing Zorbit’s. Furthermore, her students “love doing math!” Math is no longer a burdensome subject – the students genuinely believe that they can do it and routinely feel successful.

"One click and boom! [Student progress data] is there and I know where to focus"

– Leslie R.

Real-Time Student Progress Monitoring  

Leslie is also a big fan of the Teacher Dashboard that comes with Zorbit’s Math Adventure. She visits the Student Progress page regularly which effectively turns the game into a real-time formative assessment. With the system’s responsive curriculum alignment, she can see with which outcomes students are struggling and adjust her lesson plans accordingly. She describes the experience as, “One click and boom! [Student progress data] is there and I know where to focus.”

To Fellow Math Teachers Everywhere…

Leslie cites Zorbit’s ease-of-use, the autonomy it gives students, its engagement, and the features of the Teacher Dashboard as why it is her math digital resource of choice. This is particularly high praise since she maintains the opinion that, “as long as they are doing math, I don’t care [which digital resource] they are using. Find what’s going to engage the students.” Zorbit’s Math Adventure appears to be checking all of Leslie’s boxes.

Leslie’s parting words of wisdom to her fellow math teachers everywhere is to, “not be afraid to give something a shot. Don’t be afraid to try new things.” It was this affinity to pedagogical experimentation that brought Zorbit’s Math Adventure into her classroom in 2017 and it has been having a lasting impact on her and her students ever since.

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