Zorbit’s Math Adventure

School Pilot Information

Zorbit’s Math Adventure is a K-3 blended learning platform that empowers teachers to provide highly personalized learning.

Inspiring a Love for Learning Math

We believe in engaging students  with meaningful math. We focus on creative problem-solving and rewarding student effort rather than focusing solely on getting the correct answer. We help students develop a growth mindset.

Blended Learning: a Library of hands-on Classroom Activities

We believe math should be social and collaborative. Our Teaching Activities library has hundreds of hands-on activities for K-3 students that teachers can use to reinforce targeted skills.

Continuous Assessment to Identify Learning Gaps

Curriculum-aligned student performance data updated in real-time makes identifying learning gaps and trends easy. Gaps are then matched with hands-on teaching activities to be used in a lesson plan or during intervention.

Teacher Support & Professional Development

Teachers are empowered to drive better math learning in their classes by taking advantage of customized training sessions, online self-directed training, and embedded learning.

2019 School Pilot Overview

A Zorbit’s Math Adventure Pilot gives K-3 teachers and students unlimited access to the Zorbit’s Math Adventure Platform until June 30th, 2019.

What Outcomes Can We Expect?
  • Math will become a fun, social, and collaborative activity that your students will love;
  • Your teachers will look forward to teaching math lessons;
  • Number talks and math talks will become a regular occurrence;
  • Continuous awareness of math learning gaps and trends across your classrooms;
  • Your teachers will be empowered to easily personalize learning and close gaps with Zorbit’s customized hands-on activities.
What's Included?

Teachers will receive:

  • Unlimited student access to Zorbit’s Math Adventure K-3 platform;
  • Full access to Zorbit’s for French Immersion, Les aventures mathémathiques de Zorbit;
  • Teacher Dashboard which includes performance data and instructional resources;
  • 45-min online orientation session with a member of Zorbit’s Teacher Success team;
  • Self-directed professional development via Zorbit’s online learning centre;
  • Access to a library of hands-on teaching activities;
  • A Teacher’s Guide outlining how the in-game activities align with your curricula.

Schools Administrators will receive:

  • Teacher feedback survey results;
  • Pilot outcome package for the district to share internally. This will include usage, teacher feedback, and any other important pilot outcomes.
What Does it Cost?

$200 per school

This includes access to Zorbit’s for any teacher within the participating school and offers an unlimited number of student subscriptions. As a current promotion, the pilot will offer access to Zorbit’s until the end of June 2019.

What's Involved?


  • 45-min virtual pilot orientation PD session for teachers;
  • 15-min pilot orientation call for principals.

Post Pilot:

  • Completion of a feedback survey for teachers;
  • Pilot review call with principals to review the pilot and share survey data.

Fill out the Form Below to Register your School for the Pilot Promotion:

“Zorbit’s gives students another way to see the math. Teachers can see how students are using [the multiple representations] in the game and bring their strategies back into the classroom to reinforce the information and strategies. They create memorable contexts that students are able to recall later.”

Kyle Pearce

K-12 Math Consultant
Greater Essex County District School Board

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