Spooktacular Math Talks

Conversation-starters so rich, they’ll give you CHILLS!

We’ve been in the lab adding 100’s of math talk resources to our teaching activities library and…IT’S ALIVE! This Halloween package is a just a sample of our new rich and chewy math tasks.

(…if you dare!)

Display these problems for the class and use the Key Questions to start exploring diverse problem-solving strategies. This week’s worth of daily conversation-starters can all be solved using many different approaches. Talk about those approaches and elevate our numeracy skills together.

Math talks provide unique opportunities to…

  • Focus on the process of problem-solving rather than the solution
  • Enhance number fluency, confidence, and communication skills
  • Rethink personalized learning with activities that are accessible to all students
  • Collect diagnostic, formative, and summative assessment data
    Make math more social and fun

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