Game Changers Need the Right Tools - Win a Game Changer's Toolkit

Would Wayne have been The Great One with a mop instead of a stick? Would Michelangelo have been able to sculpt David with mashed potatoes?

Game changers deserve the right tools. That’s why we aim to give teachers tools to inspire their kids and why we’ve been celebrating the latest addition to our suite of game-changing tools with a tribute to Great Game Changers in Human History.

As the grand finale to this tribute, we want to congratulate the winner of our Game Changer’s Toolkit.

Eva changes the game for her students by using the right blended learning tools for the right job and being willing to try new things. She used the new Zorbit’s Math Adventure Assignments tool to craft tailor-made adventures for her students and became a math learning game changer!

You can be a game changer like Eva!
Create an Assignment today to create tailor-made adventures for your students.

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