Actionable Reporting

Ongoing Formative Assessment

Zorbit’s Math Adventure analyzes your students’ understanding throughout their journeys by providing ongoing formative assessment. The adaptive learning system collects, tracks, and analyzes a multitude of data points during a student’s play session in order to build a comprehensive understanding of the student’s knowledge.

Every level they master, every badge they earn, every problem they complete, even how efficiently they solve a problem: each of these elements is parsed together to become the teacher Dashboard. The Dashboard provides an up-to-the-minute reflection of students’ progress, allowing you to make informed decisions about how to differentiate the content, pace, and instructional approaches as you plan your next steps.


Identify Learning Gaps with the Dashboard

The Dashboard’s Reports page gives you the information you need to make data-driven decisions about your instruction. The Progress page, for example, provides real-time insights on your students’ progress and performance across each of the learning outcomes in Zorbit’s Math Adventure.

The Dashboard highilights any learning gaps that your students may be experiencing and provides tools and resources to help to close those gaps before they become a concern.

Use the Progress page to get at-a-glance, real time data on your class’ performance and progress


Reinforce your Instruction with Blended Learning

To complement and support the digital activities in the games, the Dashboard has a rich library of Teaching Activities, thereby providing blended learning experiences for your students. Our Teaching Activities are written and curated by math educators and focus on the learning outcomes in your curriculum. Each activity has instructions, discussion questions, and printable resources to assist you in getting started right away.

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