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One Adventure at a Time

Game-based learning for students.
Insight and personalization for K-3 educators. 

What’s New

Tailor-Make Adventures

Our game-changing new Assignments tool lets you craft targeted lessons. Tailor each students’ in-game experience to focus on hand-picked math concepts. Change the way they play and you change the way they learn.

Get Your Hands Dirty

The Zorbit’s universe continues to grow and so does our curriculum coverage with new digital and hands-on tools. Blue Moon 17, the newly discovered measurement planet and complementary Teaching Activities bring blended learning to life.

*Update to the latest iOS iPad app, version 1.5.2.

Students Love Playing Zorbit’s

Use Zorbit’s to inspire and engage your students. Our colourful cast of characters, vibrant and engaging worlds, and our focus on developing positive growth mindsets, will help your students develop a love for math.

Case Study

Kyle Pearce Puts a Stop to “I’m Not Good at Math”

Empower your Classroom

Our teacher dashboard gives you the information you need to make data-driven decisions about your next lesson plan.

Address your students' needs

Our adaptive learning system allows students of all learning levels to progress within their zone of proximal development.

Continuous formative assessment

Quickly identify and take action on student learning gaps within your classroom.

Intervention resources

Augment your students’ digital learning with our curriculum-aligned suite of printable teaching activities.

Try Zorbit’s for French Immersion!

Are you a K-3 French Immersion teacher? Enjoy playing all of your favourite math adventure games while also practicing French!

Independently Proven, Effective Results

"Zorbit's users' improvement over 8 weeks is roughly the equivalent of 1 year's natural growth"

Dr. Rick Ferdig & Dr. Karl Kosko

Identify Learning Gaps Faster

Reports in Zorbit’s are easy to use and will help you quickly identify learning gaps within your classroom. Built-in assessment tools allow you to take action with interventions and personalized instruction.

Curriculum-Aligned Activities

Tailor the content of the games to directly align with your learning goals, or let your students adventure on their own through the game’s curriculum-aligned activities.

A few of our trusted partners

“Zorbit’s Math Adventure allows me to give students work they absolutely love to do. It’s great to see a program that constantly engages them in great math learning.”

Joe Archer
Kindergarten Teacher
Grand Erie, Ontario

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