Zorbit’s Math Adventure

for Kindergarten

Math learning has never been so much fun. Or so effective.

We are developing new games and learning resources right now that are changing the face of math education.

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Fun Story-Based Gameplay

  • Memorable animated characters that appeal to both genders, voiced by Hollywood professionals
  • Full of child-friendly humor and clever dialogue written by kids’ entertainment veterans
  • Beautiful graphic environments and immersive soundscapes kids and parents alike will love

Thank You

The Zorbit Team would like to thank Rick Ferdig, PhD and Karl Kosko, PhD for their assistance with the Kindergarten game.

Effective Teaching Tool

  • Produced in consultation with classroom teachers and academic experts in curriculum design, math teaching methods, and educational psychology
  • Aligned to the US Common Core Standards for Kindergarten math and suitable for all other major Kindergarten math programs
  • Responsive gameplay adjusts difficulty level to meet the learning needs and abilities of every player individually

Advanced Assessment System

  • Cutting-edge data analytics assess player performance and generate progress reports for parents and teachers
  • Assessment section inaccessible to children in order to provide a stress-free learning experience
  • When used in conjunction with the TeacherSolve portal, can generate assessment data for multiple players

What Others Say About Us

  • Zorbit’s Math Adventure is a fantastic way to introduce basic math concepts to preschoolers. The characters are loveable. The math activities are expertly interwoven into a fun and engaging space storyso that your child will likely not even recognize that they are learning math. 5 Stars” 

    The Iphone mom
    The Iphone mom
  • “If you want to give your preschoolers an entertaining and high energy jumpstart on math and language cognition while enhancing their listening skills, this is the app to get.  Highly recommended.”

    Smart Apps for Kids
    Smart Apps for Kids
  •   I would highly recommend this game for your little one. It captures everything they would need to learn tools for that next stage of education, all wrapped in an exciting interactive learning cartoon.”

    Android Tapp
    Android Tapp
  • “It’s a lot of fun and has quickly become my daughter’s favorite app… Of all the apps in my ‘kids’ folder, it’s the most used and often the first one my daughter goes for.  It’s fun, entertaining and educational. The perfect mix for pre-schoolers.”

    Today’s iPhone
    Today’s iPhone
  •  “Zorbit’s Math Adventure will take your preschooler on a cosmic journey to math excellence.  5 Stars”

    Kids App Reviews
    Kids App Reviews

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Zorbit’s Math Adventure for Kindergarten

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