ZorbitLearning math early is as important to your child’s long-term academic and career success as early reading. Zorbit’s Math Adventure for Preschool lets kids absorb
all the math they need to know before starting school – entirely through story
and play.

They’ll be having so much fun, they won’t even know they’re learning.
No reading ability required, and kids can play all by themselves.

No in-app purchases or advertising, and no external links.

Zorbit’s Math helps your child get ahead . . . and stay ahead.

It’s rocket fuel for preschool!

Zorbit’s Math Adventure Preschool is a unique math app for kids and a fun, captivating educational experience. The interface is intuitive and child-friendly, so it’s perfect for preschoolers to play on their own and develop their confidence
and independence…Zorbit’s first adventure gets a 5-star rating from us! Top Kids Apps

“Zorbit’s Math Adventure is a fantastic way to introduce basic math concepts to preschoolers. The characters are
loveable. The math activities are expertly interwoven into a fun and engaging space storyso that your child
will likely not even recognize that they are learning math. 5 Stars”
 The iPhone Mom

“If you want to give your preschoolers an entertaining and high energy jumpstart on math and language cognition while enhancing their listening skills, this is the app to get.  Highly recommended.”  Smart Apps for Kids

“I would highly recommend this game for your little one. It captures everything they would need to learn tools for that next stage of education, all wrapped in an exciting interactive learning cartoon.” Android Tapp

“It’s a lot of fun and has quickly become my daughter’s favorite app… Of all the apps in my ‘kids’ folder,
it’s the most used and often the first one my daughter goes for.  It’s fun, entertaining and educational.
The perfect mix for pre-schoolers.”
 Today’s iPhone

“Zorbit’s Math Adventure will take your preschooler on a cosmic journey
to math excellence.  5 Stars”
 Kids App Reviews

Colorful Characters Help Kids Absorb Math Skills

The playful cast of characters, with engaging personalities and distinctive voices, draw children into a series of fun-filled interactive adventures. With strong female characters like Chirp, the mechanic, Zorbit’s Math Adventure Zorbit Home Page Crew Shaddowis designed to appeal equally to boys and girls. They’ll all love Oswald, the pet who poops and burps when fed too much. Each character interacts with your child in a positive and encouraging way, helping your child acquire dozens of age-appropriate math skills in a way that’s tailored for preschoolers’ level of cognitive and motor skill development.



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Rocket Fuel for Preschool!

Research has shown early exposure to math is as important to a child’s long-term academic and career success as early literacy skills – if not more so. Yet anxiety and fear have long been associated with math, beginning in some cases as early as Grade 1.

It’s not surprising lots of parents feel anxious when it comes to helping their kids learn math. Zorbit’s Math Adventure eliminates that fear for kids and their parents and introduces math as a positive experience from the outset. Kids can play the game successfully – and build valuable math skills – entirely on their own! It’s a way for parents to give their kids a smart head start in math that will last them a lifetime.